Sunset & Dolphin Tours

Dolphin Tours
Our friend, Half-Tail (pictured above) visits boats regularly in Pensacola Bay. He is notable for missing half of his tail, probably from a sad encounter with a boat. We have seen him in our waters for at least 10 years. He is by far the most friendly dolphin we have ever met.

           Call to Book Your Sunset Tour or Dolphin Tour Today: 850-602-4551

Pensacola Pontoons now offers Sunset Tours and Dolphin Tours for $285. All trips are two hours of cruising the lovely Pensacola Bay waters and are private so you can make memories with those that are most important to you. Our Dolphin Tour times are variable and our Sunset Tour begins 2 hours before sunset, please call for availability. We can take up to 6 passengers, so there is lots of room on the boat with no crowding.  As with our pontoon boat rentals, if you own or are renting a place on the water we will conveniently pick you up from your dock or beach. If you are not staying on the water we will happily meet you at Shoreline Park. This is a great pick up location just over the Beach Bridge with lots of parking so you will not have to hassle with parking on Pensacola Beach.

A favorite tour destination for our customers is the Navy’s Blue Angels show or practice sessions. They are incredible to watch from the water near the NAS Pensacola Lighthouse. Our Blues practice regularly and sometimes will perform maneuvers in practice that aren’t done in the shows: Bonus!

There are lots of dolphins, rays, turtles, jellyfish, sharks living in the waters surrounding Pensacola Beach with plenty of opportunities to check them out. With a chartered boat and captain, you can focus on watching our marine wildlife instead of navigating the boat!

  For Sunset Tour & Dolphin Tour availability please call 850-602-4551.

Sunset Tour over Pensacola Bay
Beautiful sunset over Pensacola Bay
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