Boat Rental and Dolphin Tour Prices

Below you will find our pontoon boat rental and tour prices. Pensacola Pontoons is proud to offer the best value for your boat rental experience. Above all, we strive to provide excellent, professional delivery service and we don’t charge for fuel. Furthermore, we are the only company with tritoons available to rent in Pensacola. Our tritoon holds 11 passengers or 1600 pounds (whichever comes first) and our double pontoon holds 13 passengers or 2100 pounds (whichever comes first).

Typically, half day boat rentals have 3 pick up locations: Shoreline ParkOriole Beach and Navarre Beach Boat Ramp. For Custom delivery locations such as your home, condo or hotel just give is a call and we can get you all set up!

                                                          Rental Pricing Schedule
Morning Half Day 8:00-12:00 $199+Tax Sep 23rd-March 1st
Afternoon Half Day 2:00-6:00 $225+Tax Sep 23rd-March 1st
Full Day 9:00-6:00 $400+Tax Sep 23rd-March 1st
2 Full Days $800 + tax
3 Full Days $1170 + tax
7 Full Days $2600 + tax
2 Hour Private Dolphin & Sunset Tours $285 + tax
                                                           1st tank of gas is FREE!!

Our boats always come with one free tank of gas which will last you all day, no problem! In other words, you can focus on the most important part of your trip: the memories.

Some custom pick up locations may have additional delivery charges, please check out our Pick Up Locations page or call us with questions.

In addition, check out our Things to See page for recommendations on adventures in the Pensacola Beach area.

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The Person renting and driving the boat must be at lease 24 years old. Anyone born 01/01/1988 or after MUST have a Boater’s License to operate a vessel in the State of Florida. Therefore, if the driver was born in 1987 or prior they only need a VALID state or government issued photo ID. If they have a valid Boater’s License from their home state bring it with as it will be honored.

The driver must have VALID state or government issued photo ID and Boater’s License in the vessel with them at all times. If a Florida Boater’s License is needed please click here take the test to be a legal vessel operator in Florida.

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